New Tricks

14 Oct

I miss school. I’ll admit it, I’m a flag-waving nerd. More than anything, I miss having the opportunity to learn new things on a daily basis. That is just one reason why I’m committed to keeping my mind limber. I bought this Hohner melodica a couple of years ago with the intention of teaching myself how to play a new instrument. After nine years of adolescent piano lessons I figured hoped I’d be a natural. Such was not the case. I became discouraged and the melodica eventually found a home on a shelf in the entryway closet.

Until recently.

After what can only be described as a tear-inducing, heart-soaring, all-inspiring performance by The Arcade Fire on a recent stop through Portland, my melodica found its way out of the closet and back into my hands. Even better, the instrument has been passed back and forth between Husband and Wife several times since that fateful concert.

We like playing alongside the tune “Rococo.”  The effect is haunting (in a good way). You can listen to the song, off the album “The Suburbs,” HERE. If you wish to hear our cover of the song you will need to wait until the debut of our jug band, The Uptown Hog Stompers, coming to a dive near you sometime in 2033.

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