Holding On

10 Nov

We know from experience that building a business isn’t easy. Right now we are attempting to build two different businesses under one roof. For this reason, the energy in our home the past two months has fluctuated between chaotic and blissful.

photo by Ashley Forrette

This is what “holding on” looks like in our house. Evan and I are having a lot of these moments lately. Sometimes out of love, and sometimes out of necessity. We are reaching for something concrete,  grasping for something familiar, and clutching on to what remains once the storm has passed. At least that’s what it feels like. A storm, I mean.

The end of October ended in a flurry of business meetings, dinner parties, birthday parties, car-maintenance issues and buyer’s remorse. There was hardly time to keep up with the blogging. This is how we work. It is how we’ve always worked. All at once, like frenzied bees.

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