Brunch: Mom’s Birthday

24 Jan

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that my mom and I have the same genes. She is arguably the pickiest eater I know, whereas I (now) eat (mostly) anything, or am willing to try it (at least once). Brunch has always been her favorite meal, so when her birthday started drawing near I scoured several local restaurants’ brunch menus trying to find something that would please her palate. In all fairness, my husband Evan and I find brunch to be the most difficult meal to eat out given we once owned and operated one of the more popular brunch spots in the city, and we still think our biscuits and gravy trumps all. Eventually, Evan and I came to the conclusion it would be best to make her brunch at home—our makeshift restaurant. So what does one serve for such an event? We decided an omelet bar would be best. We allowed Mom to choose her own fillings, in this case: ham, goat cheese, shitakes and spinach, and made sure we had something sweet and something salty to accompany it. After all, brunch in our family isn’t brunch without the best of both worlds.

French Press Coffee (coava coffee)

with cream, Monserrate – Competition Blend, Colombia

Mexican Mocha

with Guanaja Dark 70% Cocoa Valrhona chocolate, orange, cinnamon and cayenne

Pressed Apple Cider

Columbia Gorge Organic

Mini Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

with real maple syrup


with (crispy) bacon and sweet potato rösti

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