Dinner: Self Catering in Negril

8 Feb

The guesthouse we are staying at has a communal kitchen. After a trip to the supermarket and produce stand, we’re ready to cook. We make this healthy dish all of the time at home, but here in Negril, the flavor takes on a Caribbean twist. We have a Jamaican named LaToya to thank for introducing us to the addition of fresh (diced) pumpkin into our rice before steaming. The result is a soft rice, flecked with the sweet, orange flesh of pumpkin. Absolutely delicious, and a great way to boost the nutritional value of your average (brown) rice. Callaloo has since replaced spinach in my heart, having me convinced we need to move to the Caribbean or at least smuggle some seeds back home. Good thing this leafy vegetable loves the rain.

Beans and Rice (and Beer)

coconut rice and black beans with sweet pumpkin and green callaloo

(oh, and Red Stripe)

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