We’re Not in Jamaica Anymore

17 Feb

These are the last of the coconut drops. I brought them back to Portland after a recent trip to Jamaica. Coconut drops are a popular Caribbean candy made from dried coconut, fresh ginger, and brown sugar. We’re not in Jamaica anymore, a fact that’s hard to swallow. But the candy helps. I’m grateful to still have some leftover because every time I pop a piece in my mouth I’m transported back to a very special place…

West End, Negril
Ackee Fruit

Piper Fish with Roe

Fossil and Red Stripe
Sunset on the Cliffs
(Ocean-fed) Poolside, Tingalayas Retreat
Grilled Snapper Sandwich and Bob Marley
Diving Treasures
Murphy Hill, Ocho Rios
E. Dohrmann, Cliff Comber
Angry Birds!
Jerk Shrimp
Until Next Time


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