Breakfast: home

18 Feb

Recently I awoke to snow, palm sized flakes swirling around in the backyard. This is a rare occasion in Portland given how mild our climate is. Mornings like this remind me of being little, fingers crossed and eyes glued to the television, waiting to see the news station’s listing of school closures. Back then, scrambled eggs with cheese and toast was a stand-by. No surprise then that on this morning I nostalgically asked my husband, whose scrambled eggs gained a following around the city, if he would mind making me breakfast. He lovingly complied, and the two of us sat in the living room slurping Joel and Alex’s latest offering, eating our eggs, wishing we were young enough to be granted a snow day.

French Press Coffee (courier coffee)

with cream, cerrado de minas fazenda serra negra, Brazil (December crop arrival)

Cheesy Eggs and Toast

E. Dohrmann’s famous scrambled eggs with cheddar and New Seasons Bakery’s organic baguette, (lightly) toasted

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