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19 Feb

You’ve heard me wax poetics about these artisan candy bars before. This week I was fortunate enough to be invited into the kitchen of confectioner Faith Dionne for a behind the scenes look at her blossoming small-batch chocolate business. It’s easy to fall in love Faith’s candy bars but it’s even easier to fall in love with the woman behind the magic. Faith grows organic veggies and heirloom fruits in her backyard, makes her own red wine vinegar and spends her free time in the Willamette Valley scouting out filbert groves for her candy bars. Even more humbling than her gentle nature is Faith’s commitment to quality, the environment, and to sourcing locally. From her website,

“Every place has a unique identity that can be experienced through food. Since I’ve lived in Portland, I have become committed to showcasing Oregon’s quality ingredients. Filberts, coffee, walnuts, berries, local dairies and honey inspire me. These candy bars have been crafted to represent my region and its ingredients, ethics, and quality. They are handcrafted from whole ingredients, and are fresh! The packaging is eco-friendly and completely bio-degradable. These are candy bars you can feel great about eating!”

Trust me, these are NOT your average candy bar. These candy bars are literally handcrafted from scratch ingredients. Every bar is hand-cut, hand-dipped and weighed ensuring that each one comes out perfect. Faith’s goodies were recently picked up by the popular online foodie marketplace known as Foodzie to be part of their monthly Tasting Box subscription. Foodzie asked Faith for some production photos and I was flattered by the opportunity to take responsibility for the shoot. Here are a few favorites from the day:

Bees & Beans candy bars come in four delicious flavors:

Honey bar: Honey caramel, and filbert nougat hand dipped in dark chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt

Berry bar: Raspberry caramel, and dried blueberry nougat hand dipped in dark chocolate (Out of season till June)

Coffee bar: Coffee caramel with toasted Oregon walnuts hand dipped in dark chocolate

‘Bert bar: Filberts, milk chocolate, crispy rice, and peanut butter hand dipped in dark chocolate

and can be found at Food Front NW, Cheese Bar, Foster and Dobbs and all three Pastaworks locations, or online at FoodShed or the Bees & Beans Online Shop via Foodzie. Happy indulging, friends.
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