Latest Craving: AQ

21 Sep

I found out about AQ, a new restaurant opening in the SOMA/Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, while browsing through recently funded Kickstarter videos. After watching their video and checking out the incentives I felt compelled to contribute something. A quick search led me to their website, and after browsing through their menu I jumped on the opportunity to become a backer through Kickstarter. I want this restaurant to be a success. If I had an extra $1500 to part with I can tell you exactly where it would go. For now I’ll settle for a brick with our name on it (which is hardly a settlement if you ask me). Seriously, I’ve seen a lot of these videos and read through a bunch of incentives before and I think these guys have got it nailed down. Super cool rewards for an affordable contribution. Perhaps you might want to get involved? You have three more days left to join in on the project.

I strongly suggest you check out the menu on their website. Allow me to entice you. If we went to dinner this fall together we’d have to share:

PUMPKIN SEED TART, pumpkin custard, clove and coffee

AUTUMN VEGETABLES raw & roasted, fuyu persimmon with maple

ROASTED CARROTS, fall spices, hazelnuts, stout beer

CRISPY LAMB BELLY, umbrian lentils, smoked dates, hibiscus onions


MONKFISH ROASTED with HOPS, buttered turnips, fennel sausage, chilies

SUCKLING PIG two ways, honeycrisp apples, fennel pollen & spelt milk

PISTACHIO FINANCIER, caramel meringue, kabocha squash & white chocolate

HACHIYA PERSIMMON PUDDING, brown butter sorbet, warm brandy & sesame

Not to mention lots and lots of bubbles to celebrate the restaurant’s opening. By the way, 9x/10 I’m ALWAYS down to share. If you’re going to eat with me you’re mostly likely going to share. Something to consider…

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