Date with Mom

23 Sep

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We went to Sauvie Island to pick fruit. What we ended up picking were buckets of Elliot blueberries. Elliot blueberries are smaller and a tad less sweet than Duke blueberries, which come out earlier in the season. This makes them perfect for pie and jam. Personally I prefer a tart berry in these applications. I’ll save the Duke blueberries for my morning cereal. I think I might make hand pies with these ones. Or maybe homemade Pop-Tarts®. I’ve made this recipe before with great success. (I LOVE her recipes). But in this case, I prefer my Pop-Tarts® glazed. Glazed Pop-Tarts® bring me back to a special place. A time when nothing was better than getting blissed on some sugary breakfast pastry while watching countless episodes of Power Rangers (just so we’re clear, glazed is the only way to go when it comes to these delicious pseudo-pastries).

We met a frog in one of the blueberry bushels. I suspected he was lost and thought about bringing him home to meet Hank, my friends Maddy and Tracy’s frog. But I reconsidered. I figured this frog was a country frog, and might not dig an aquarium in SE Portland, even with the many crickets promised by Maddy.

After we picked blueberries we cut a bouquet for my friend Delane (to be delivered with the birthday shortbread). I’ll let you know if she likes them.

The sun was blazing and we were hungry, so we headed over to my new place of work to go eat lunch. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this part. I got a job. Like a full-time one. But we’ll talk about that stuff later (after things are a bit more settled there). Along the way we stopped at a farm stand where we proceeded to buy: apple cider, corn, watermelon, red and yellow heirloom tomatoes and pineapple (we’re Hawaiian). Forgive us. Plus it was on SALE which meant it was definitely going in our basket (we’re also Jewish).

For lunch I ordered a green chile beef stew with brown rice. It was delicious.

I enjoyed spending time with my mom and I can’t imagine a better way to start fall. I mean, I was picking blueberries in late September in a tank top (and sweating FTR) in PORTLAND, OR. I’ve lived here most of my life and I feel like this never happens. To use my father’s term, I’d say this was an A+ day.

One Response to “Date with Mom”

  1. Moo September 24, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Indeed it was an A++ day: family, fun, fresh air, food and fair skies – a jim dandy alliteration of a day.

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