Making it Count

4 Oct
“Henri” portrait by Susan Monti

In accordance with my new job offer, this past weekend represented my official last weekend off. E. Dohrmann and friends were gracious, patient, and hilarious as ever making sure it was a memorable one.

Highlights include: attending my childhood bff’s mother’s art show {see “Henri” above}, eating said mom’s meatballs for the first time (how is it even possible that I’ve gone 29 years without these?!?!) and receiving the gift of a dance party mix from a friend containing my two latest obsessions: “In the Dark” by Dev:   and “Hello” by Martin Solveig and Dragonette:
Saturday brought a road trip to the coast with pit stops for maple wine salmon jerky, a potluck dinner featuring tacos and pizza, a sleepover at a friend’s cabin in the woods with no cell service and a haunted barn, a power outage caused by “loose insulator caps”(we weren’t buying this excuse), playing darts and “Catch Phrase” by firelight, finding bats upstairs and birds in the wood stove, a potluck breakfast featuring pancakes with spiced applesauce, maple sausage links, pan de tomate, spinach-mushroom scrabble, toasted baguette with spiced plum jam, wine tasting at Sokol Blosser and Dobbes, dog walks along the Siletz river, Stumptown’s Ethiopia Mordecofe brewed in a beehouse pour over, family portraits at Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area, getting reacquainted with Steve Martin’s brilliance in Parenthood. Oh, and the inauguration of the season’s first fire.

I think I’m ready for fall now. Let the nesting begin.

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