Because He Loves Me

11 Oct

I have a series on my Twitter feed titled #ReasonsIMarriedMyHusband where I document the idiosyncrasies and selfless acts that help contribute to my love for E. Dohrmann. At the root of every one of these entries is this simple fact: Because he loves me, a sentiment he works very hard to remind me of daily. One example of his endearing actions is when he informed me that a week from today, on October 18th, we will be a guests at a very special dinner. A secret supper, no less! I love surprises but I have a terrible time keeping them. I also suffer from anxiety so surprising me can be tricky. I think E. Dohrmann knocked it out of the park with this one:

The Deets:

On Oct. 18, Willamette Week will host a secret supper at the newspaper’s pick for 2011’s best restaurant in Portland.

The dinner will include a family-style sampling of the menu, chosen by the chef to showcase the restaurant’s cuisine. In addition to the all-you-can-eat event, admission includes wine by Cooper Mountain Vineyard with sparkling by Segura Viudas.

The name and address of the restaurant will not be revealed to attendees until the morning of Oct.18.

Unfortunately this event has already sold out but I hope Willamette Week will continue this tradition of unveiling its Restaurant of the Year. It’s much more fun this way (I think).

UPDATE: And the winner isPodnah’s. We’ve been eating Rodney’s bbq for years now and couldn’t be happier for him and his staff. Winning this accolade is a tremendous accomplishment and serves as a testament to the hard work that goes in to making authentic Texan BBQ. The secret supper menu was truly an exceptional meal showcasing meat, meat and more meat. We started the meal with the house pickle plate and sausages. We moved on to the St. Helen’s brisket (smoked 10 hours), the pork spare ribs (smoked 4 hours), the Prime rib (smoked 4 hours), and Brian’s pulled pork (smoked 12 hours and tossed in spicy vinegar sauce). Sides included: Mac & cheese, collard greens, and cornbread. Dessert was different flavors of Sahagun chocolate handmade by Rodney’s (drop.dead.gorgeous) wife Elizabeth Montes (talk about a foodie power couple!). We had a great time celebrating with friends and I’m so glad we got to be a part of the experience. Secret suppers are awesome!

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