Hello: Los Angeles, CA

24 May

I recently joined E. Dohrmann on a business trip down to Los Angeles. I used to live there but man-oh-man, how things have changed over the last eight years. One of our bestest friends in the entire world recently escaped the Portland rain and moved to Downtown LA. Being in his presence over the week made this large city feel very small and quite familiar. We spent a lot of time up on the roof of his building taking in the sights and marveling at the glorious weather.

We booked at The Standard in Downtown LA. We loved our spacious room and the vibrant hotel scene. (Emphasis on the word scene). While E. tended to business during the day I sipped on rooftop poolside cocktails. The location proved perfect for nighttime bar hopping, catching up with friends, and discovering this blossoming area.


01. Baco Mercat – Caesar Brussels Sprouts, Sugar Snap, Grapefruit and Buratta Salad, Oxtail Baco, Fijjan Albacore with Bulgar Wheat

02. Cole’s – French Dips and Manhattans.

03. Leo’s Taco Truck – The return to Eagle Rock, my old stomping grounds in order to eat the “College Circuit:” Veggie burrito (w/ extra chile) and Cheese Quesadilla (w/ avocado and green chile).

04. Son of a Gun – Mini Lobster Rolls, Shrimp Toast, Hamachi, Kale Caesar, Octopus Confit, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Brownie Sundae

05. Proof Bakery – Valhrona Chocolate Croissant

06. Wurstküche – Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel…ON DRAFT!!!

07. Spring For Coffee – Stumptown coffee (*there’s no place like home*)

08. The Pie Hole  –  Mexican Chocolate Pie

09. Mendocino Farms – Vegan Bahn Mi

10. Umamicatessen – Korean Short Rib Burger with Kimchi Mayo, Matzo Ball Soup, Pickle Plate


01. Getting fun passes to play Caine’s Arcade at the Unique LA show – Can’t get much better than this.
02. Eating a solo picnic lunch on a sunny park bench in the gardens outside the Los Angeles Public Library
03. A daytime walking tour through the streets of downtown admiring art, culture and Little Tokyo.
04. A tequila and whiskey fueled dance party – in a dive bar with friends new and old.
05. A pit stop at The Last Bookstore for Wille and Merle on vinyl and Hesse in paperback.
06. Getting star struck and falling more head over heels upon meeting the one and only Sophia Rossi.

Dear Los Angeles,

Be still my heart. I thought it was over between us but this trip proved me wrong. Thank you for allowing me to feel the warmth of the sun, inspiring me to dream and feeding me delicious food. I miss you already.



One Response to “Hello: Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Tim Roth (@PupilPhoto) May 25, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    I too feel the magnetism of sunny southern Cal. I am seriously considering at least a month of the coming winter down there. I can’t believe you got to go to Caine’s Arcade! So cool! Your trip sounds like the perfect getaway.

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