Welcome to LaLa Land

5 May

Population: 4

This is what E. Dohrmann, Zeus and I have to wake up to every morning. And for the record, that IS my pillow she’s using. Postscript: She’s turning three in three days. (Ooh La La)

Dinner: Miho Izakaya

30 Apr

A perfect spring dinner date with E. Dohrmann out on the porch of our neighborhood Izakaya. The value of this place is awesome. Pretty sure I’ll be out on the patio all summer.

Diet Coke

Green Tea



Kabocha Squash

with ginger-soy dipping sauce

Brussels Sprouts with Shitake Mushrooms

with black sesame and lime

Roast Pork Ramen Noodle

Miho Izakaya
4057 N. Interstate
Portland, OR 97227
OPEN: 7 Nights A Week

You’re Coming Home With Me

27 Apr

This headband from Ruche’s Bridal Collection is perfection. That is a fact. Today, I buy (pssssst: HURRY! There are only THREE left in stock!). If you need me I’ll be sipping absinthe and listening to Django Reinhardt.

UPDATE: This hatband (headband-hat hybrid) is even more fabulous than previously thought possible! AND it arrived just in time for Derby day. That said, Evan and I neither drank mint julep margaritas or watched the Derby today (May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de Derby). Instead I wore this hat while we worked on our laptops on the couch for approximately three hours. After we finished working on our various projects we shut the laptops down, got in the car and watched the full moon rise over the horizon from the park near our house. Then we went out for a late dinner at the sweetest little french(ie) bistro in NE Portland. It was perfection. I’m sure at least part of this night I owe to the hatband. And for the record, we ended up listening to La vie en rose.

Special Delivery

15 Mar

My sister is the best. Not only because she sends me surprise packages containing shoes, but shoes I actually love and wear daily. These prairie boots from Madewell are to die. Thank you, Sister.

Other People’s Houses: Kristen

10 Mar

Meet Kristen D. Murray. Her interests include gardening, hiking the Columbia Gorge and Oregon Coast, bunny rabbits, and Bordeaux wine. She also happens to be one of Portland’s most celebrated pastry chefs (extra bonus points). When she’s not busy preserving homegrown concord grape coulis or mastering black pepper cheesecake she’s working on her next magnum opus, setting down the foundation for building her own shop in town. I was recently invited into Kristen’s adorable NE Portland bungalow to shoot pictures for another project but I couldn’t help but ask to poke around in her extensive book collection, represented in several rooms throughout her home. Basically she’s a gal after my own heart.

Family Shift Meal

1 Mar

I started working at a new restaurant. The space is beautiful and I am happy to be surrounded by a team of wonderful and dynamic people. Thus far it’s been an incredibly fulfilling and exciting endeavour. People seem to really like us. What you see above is one of our post-shift staff meals: seven (count ’em!) griddle burgers with Tillamook cheese curd, mustard, and pickles on a Little T baguette. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is an off the menu item. This picture reminded me of this book so I thought I’d write about it. I also wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to lately.

Compliments to the Chef: Acadia

10 Nov

Another amazing meal at Acadia reminded me that this post is long overdue. Chef Adam Higgs is doing beautifully inspired things at his New Orelans bistro in NE Portland and I want everybody to know about it.

I love everything about this place. In my mind it represents a true bistro; the size is just right and the service is always warm. The food is elevated, clean, and long on flavor. When you go, please order the Louisiana BBQ shrimp appetizer. DO NOT MISS THIS. YOU WILL THANK ME LATER. This dish is so good that I rarely share, and I recommend using extra bread for soaking up the remaining pool of butter sauce. You will be tempted to order a side of just that sauce (don’t). You will want to bathe in that sauce (please don’t). Rather than continuing to go on and about why you should check this place out, I’ll just share with you what we ordered the other night and let Adam’s food speak for itself. And the answer is yes, everything tastes as good as it reads.

Grilled house made andouille sausage with pickles okra and Creole mustard

Arugula and Butter Lettuce with gingersnap cookies, brown sugar roasted kabocha squash, Cypress Grove fromage blanc and black pepper vinaigrette

Shrimp Creole with shrimp meatballs, gulf shrimp, fresh spinach and Creole tomato sauce over rice

Red beans and rice

Roasted root vegetables with horseradish butter

Shredded Brussels sprouts with bacon and apple

1303 NE Fremont St
Portland, Oregon
(503) 249-5001