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Spotted @: Gjelina Take Away (GTA)

9 May

We’re in Los Angeles for work and play. E. Dohrmann suggested we stop at one of his favorite Venice haunts for breakfast. The baked goods hit the spot but in full disclosure, the coffee was “meh.” (I added milk to mine but E. poured his out…because he is a professional coffee snob.)

Mixed Berry and Oatmeal Scone

Granola With Yogurt and Fruit

Toast Gluten Free Bread

20 Oct

I do not have celiac disease. Nor do I suffer from a wheat allergy.

That said, I do like to try gluten free breads from time to time. The only flavor of gluten free bread that has ever convinced me that it was something other than gluten free bread is cinnamon raisin toast. That tastes really good to me. Especially when there’s a high quality butter meltedĀ on top.