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Dirty Thirty, Indeed

15 Feb

Dirty Thirty

Oh my gosh, it’s been awhile. The party and the trip to Africa happened. Not to mention a few others big revelations. First and foremost being: we’re moving to L.A.!!! Evan accepted a job offer in Los Angeles to continue working with Stumptown Coffee Roasters. I’ll be leaving my post at the Woodsman Tavern in March in order to join him down south. My departure from this group of people is bittersweet, as we really have become family. That said, I miss my husband, who has been living in DTLA since the first of the year.

Now…where did we leave off? That’s right! Back to the party!


So many wonderful people were involved to make this special event successful. I wanted to indulge my Francophilia and love of Woody Allen so I chose “La Vie en Rose” as a theme. (An added bonus: I finally wear my hatband in public!) I am deeply indebted to our many friends and family who invested their time and energy to see my vision come to life. Fittingly for this animal lover, proceeds from the event benefited our friends Amy’s animal rescue and adoption organization The Pixie Project. You can see more photos and silly costumes from the event by skipping over to Paige’s blog or by checking out the gallery from StudioBooth. Once again, many, many thanks to everyone involved. Literally. Could Not. Have Done it. Without You. Thanks for making my entry into “adulthood” so memorable. Especially Mr. E. Dohrmann: It’s a pleasure growing old with you, Sir.


Photography: Paige Jones / Invitations: Inclined to Create / Dinner Location: Little Bird Bistro / Party Location: Boothster / Flowers and Event Design: Rosemary Stafford Floral / Party Spread: Self Catered* / Cocktails:  Tender Bar / DJ: Tim Betterly / Photobooth: StudioBooth / Photobooth Props: Paperfinger / Dress: A.B.S. By Allen Schwartz (snagged at Goodwill + and black trim from a local fabric store)/ Wig: The Lippman Co. (5+ years ago) / Hair accessory: Ruche / Sponsored Charity: The Pixie Project

*The party spread was pretty ridiculous and entirely self catered! It took about a week to nail down my “Midnight in Paris” menu and required the help of several family members in order to pull it off. The menu included:

Rosemary Almonds

Olives with Orange and Fennel

French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms

Cheese and Charcuterie boards with various pickles, jams and mustards

Pissaladieres (Provencal Pizzas with caramelized onions and anchovies)

Mini Ham and Brie Sandwiches wrapped in craft paper tied with bakers twine

Cookie Platter complete with Macarons Et Madeleines (naturally!)

Next up: AFRICA!

The Perfect Package

31 Jan

Things with Little Branch are progressing, even if it’s at a slower pace than what I had originally hoped for. My sister, who also acts as my business mentor, recently sent me this article in an email with the subject line: READ THIS. For those of you who don’t care to follow links, here’s the gist of the article, or the Eleven Harsh Realities Of Being An Entrepreneur:

  1. Your First Iteration of an Idea Will Be Wrong
  2. Your Friends And Family Won’t Understand What You Do
  3. You Will Make Less Than Normal Wages For A While
  4. Everything Takes Twice As Long…If It Even Happens
  5. Titles Mean Nothing. You Will Be a Janitor
  6. There Is No Silver Bullet
  7. Customers Will Frustrate You
  8. You Can’t Do It All Yourself
  9. There Is No Such Thing As An Overnight Success
  10. Building A Team Is Hard
  11. There Are Forces Outside Your Control

I know many entrepreneurs, including myself, who can identify with every single one of these items. At the moment, I can really associate with #4: “Everything takes twice as long…if it even happens.” I had originally thought that my product would be on the shelves by now, but when I realize that it took me over three months of admittedly frazzled, obsessive behavior to pick a jar for my jam, I understand where the time went. At the cafe I sold jam in 8 oz. and 16 oz. Ball Mason canning jars. However, in this new venture I’m inclined to utilize another option because I’ve grown tired of dealing with lids and rings. It was with this thought in mind when I began to spiral down the rabbit hole that is wholesale jar and container supply. For months my thoughts were bombarded with questions asking the benefits of hexagonal vs. straight-sided jars and the appeal of black button lids vs. silver plastisol lids. Fortunately for me, I’m working with a talented group of ladies to help me make my dream packaging a reality. In addition to working with my friend Bryn of Paperfinger, I’ve hired on Rachel Tourville, the visionary behind Graphic Lime. Both of these lovely ladies are deep in the throes of the package and design process for Little Branch. We’re going over everything from business cards and labels, to custom tissue paper and return address stamps for shipping. Rest assured that when my company makes its debut in the Spring of 2011, every aspect of the design will have been deliberated to the umpteenth degree. My goal is that the outside of the package conveys a hint of the delicious details awaiting inside.